Simple Tool to search your past events to avoid hindsight bias

Discover and learn about your life by tracking how people & emotions are impacting your events

What Aurelio solves

Find out your best & worst relationships

With deep insights, you can find whom to work with and whom to avoid

Learn about your emotional fluctuation

With consistent tracking you can learn which part of day/week is making you happy or sad

Double down on activity which makes your happy

Panoramic view of your world helps to find patterns in your activity

Better decision making

Keeping a record of events will help you avoid hindsight bias and also retrace what went wrong vs right


Custom emotions and relationships

5 minutes

Average time taken to track

100% +

Panoramic view over you life




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Unlimited events

Unlimited analytics

Unlimited relationhsip

Unlimited activities

AES-256 Security



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Discover your hidden patterns and learn more about your inner self

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Unlimited data storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this is a free app?

No, but you can use the app for free for 14 days with full features. And if you're a student or a person in need of the app but cannot afford to pay please send a mail and I'll definitely help you with a special discount.

Who should buy this app?

Folks who want to grow on the axes of relationships. Folks who are passionate about their work, and want to understand in depth. Folks who want to pursue optimal work life balance. People who love numbers & insights.

How are you collecting payments?

Stripe. It's the most secure and reliable way to collect payments. And it's developer friendly and has great support for integrating and making chnages as necessary quick and easy.

What about security & privacy?

Aurelio is built with industry standard methods and codebase. It's hosted on secure servers and uses aes-256 encryption for database storage and transfer. And your data will never be sold to anyone for any purpose, whatsoever. Period.

Is it available for Android and iOS?

No, it's web only, desktop app. Aurelio is a one person bootstraped company. I want to keep it a sustainable business and having multiple platforms would dilute the effectiveness of the app. Moreover I can launch features with 100% agility.

Why did you build this app?

Companies use the exact analytics to build profitable businesses. In that case, human life is much bigger and complex than any company so we need better tools to manage and build our life to become the best person we can.

Discover your decision patterns today. It's absolutely free.

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